Hitachi High-Tech, EDXRF for RoHS & Thickness


Made in Japan

Model: EA 1000 AIII/ VX & FT 110 A

The EA 1000 AIII/ VX Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer is mainly used as a screening instrument for RoHS analysis.

The EA1000A III X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer achieves better throughout by shortening the measurement time by 1/3 compared with our previous model.

The FT 110 Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer is mainly used for coating thickness measurements and has a new auto focus function which automatically focuses on the sample to acquire optical image within a few seconds.


Hitachi High-Tech, Instant Gold Assayer


Made in Japan

Model: X-Strata 920

Rapid, non-destructive Karat analysis for Gold Jewellery and Precious Metals.

No sample preparation, no chemicals, no waste.

Precision for Gold is ± 0.1 Wt % between 8 – 25 Karats.

Analysis of small to large samples: Gold links from 0.01” (0.3 mm) diameter to large plated samples up to 6.3” (160 mm) high.

Easy to use: Reliable results with minimal user training and a video camera providing large, clear sample image.

Composition and coating thickness analysis for elements from Ti to U.


Hitachi High-Tech, TD-MS for Phthalates


Made in Japan

Model: HM 1000A

The HM1000 is a dedicated instrument designed for fast, easy, on-site screening of Phthalates.

In addition to easy operation, the HM1000 features high throughput testing that achieves automated analysis of 50 samples in approximately 8 hours.

It is mainly used as a screening instrument for RoHS 2 analysis.

High-speed measurement:Measurement at a rate of less than 10 minutes!

Easy operation from sample preparation to analysis!

Calibration functions using data from measurements of alternative plasticizers.


Spectron NPO, WDXRF for Oil & Gas (BS 6)


Made in Russia

Model: Spectroscan SW-D3

SPECTROSCAN SW-D3 is specially designed for precise determination of ultra-low sulfur contents in diesel, gasoline and other distillate oil, as well as high contents of Sulfur in Petroleum and Petroleum Products in accordance with ISO 20884, ASTM D6334, ASTM D2622.

No Helium blowdown is requied: sample analysis in air, optics are under vacuum.

Lower limit of detection - (S) 0.2 ppm.

Due to lateral positoning of the sample errors due to water, air bulbs and contamination in sample are excluded.


Spectron NPO, WDXRF for Various Applications


Made in Russia

Model: Spectroscan MAKS-GVM

SPECTROSCAN MAKS-GVM is for Elemental Analysis of various solid, powdered and dissolved materials, surface coatings and filter deposits.

No Helium blowdown is requied and does not require connection to water mains or gas supply.

Cooling system is integrated into the spectrometer body.

Analysis of steels and alloys, metallurgical products, water, soil, geological samples, ores, petroleum and petroleum products, wear debris and additives content of lubricants and catalysts, refractory products, glass, forensic, etc .


Adani, Benchtop Xray Diffractometer (XRD)


Made in Belarus

Model: Powdix 600/300

POWDIX 600/300 is a Desktop Powder Diffractometer that meets the highest requirements for this class of instruments and even exceeds expectations in some ways.

POWDIX 600/300 equipped with the most advanced DECTRIS* MYTHEN2 R 1D Detector what drastically speed up the measurement.

With the high resolution of the detector and the precise positioning of goniometer the accuracy better than +/- 0.02° (2θ) over the full angular range is achieved.

The software interface with predefined experimental scenarios makes the measurement process clear even for new users.


Adani, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR)


Made in Belarus

Model: Spinscan X

Adani Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR), or Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) spectroscopy utilizes microwave radiation to probe species with unpaired electrons, such as radicals, radical cations, and triplets in the presence of an externally applied magnetic field.

The SPINSCAN X Spectrometer is intended for EPR spectra registration in liquid or solid phases to detect paramagnetic species or free radicals.

The main distinctive features of our EPR (ESR) Spectrometer are a compact electromagnet, a microwave bridge and is provided with a fully computer controlled system including a comprehensive software package.


Larson Systems, Spring Testers


Made in USA

Model: CDHT, DHT, SDHT & Flash Series

Larson Systems is the leader in Spring Testing technology and manufacturing.

CDHT is a Compression Digital Hand Tester which can accommodate larger springs (up to 6” tall) and test with greater accuracy.

DHT is Digital Hand Tester used for tension or compression applications (up to 12” tall extendable to 18”).

SDHT is Super Digital Hand Tester which has seven different load capacities tuned to the highest precision to best match toughest testing requirements.

Flash series are range of motorized solutions with load range from 1,000lbs to 50,000lbs. The full color FLASH touch screen interface puts all the intelligence and power of our testers at your fingertips.


Vived Management (J&B), Hot Tack Seal Tester


Made in Belgium

Model: HT 5000MB

The J&B Hot Tack 5000 MB Tester automatically measure the Heat Sealing properties of heat sealing packaging materials in an accurately controlled environment.

It is the ideal instrument for producers of raw materials, packaging material manufactures, semi-finished material producers and research laboratories.

Advanced new features: - Maintenance free - Hot tack, peel only, seal only and rigid sample mode (rigid sample mode optional) - Pneumatic software-controlled protection plates for easy cleaning - Starting seal pressure of 0.05 N/mm² - Minimum sample size 250 mm - Maximum peeling distance 130mm - Optional Build-in tablet computer, keyboard and mouse - Optional seal bar 10mm width x 50mm - Optional higher force measurement up to 450N possible but this is less accurate - Optional sample feeder for full automatic measurements - Optional peeling speed up to 1000 mm/s.

One of the biggest advantages of our J&B Hot Tack tester is the option of an automatic sample feeder, which has the benefit of measuring several measurements automatically without the need of an operator.


Industrial Dynamics, Force Measuring System


Made in Sweden

Model: ForceBoard

ForceBoard™ is a patented unique all-in-1 desktop Force Measurement System for friction, tensile & compression, scratch, linear & rotating wear, fatigue and sense of touch measurements & R&D applications.

ForceBoard™ systems have key advantages: detection of vertical and horizontal forces in full 2D, multifunctionality, modularized, portable, self-calibrated, motion with very high precision, open Windows software, unmatched price vs performance and unique 30 day satisfaction guarantee!

ForceBoard™ systems have +/-100N of push/pull capacity and unlimited number of test cycles with 0.005mm accuracy.


Digit Concept, IC Decapsulator & Plasma Cleaner


Made in France

Model: iSA7X7DC, SLP 500, iSP 3P

Digit Concept is the only company worldwide with the knowledge and the experience with the 4 ways of IC decapsulation: LASER - ACID - MECHANICAL - PLASMA.

Based on the more than 20 years experience, Digit Concept developed the SesameACID777DC. This system uses a positive pressure principle combined with all the most advanced features to cover all your needs and its iPanel to offer to operators the most easiest control panel.

The SLP500DC is based on DC SL500DC platform. It combines a high performance IR Fiber LASER with an Atmospheric Plasma Assisted to avoid corrosion. This SLP is based on our joint patent with the CNES Toulouse (Fr) - WO 2008/090281.

The iSP Plasma cleaners offers tools for Cleaning, Surface Activation, Stripping Photoresist, Cleaning Hybrids, Desmearing Printed Circuit Boards, and Etching

For more than 25 years Digit Concept provides to its customers, Laboratories of Failure Analysis of electronics components, the equipment, support and services of the highest quality and the greatest value to meet their expectations.


Bourevestnik, Xray Diffractometer (XRD)


Made in Russia

Model: DRON-8/8T

General Purpose X-ray Diffractometer DRON-8 with vertical theta - theta goniometer and sample horizontal position enables to perform X-ray diffraction analysis of phase composition, structural state and orientation of heavy large-size and irregular-form samples.

DRON-8 has goniometer that has a changeable radius (180-250 mm), angle position reproducibility is not more than 0.001 deg., automatic adjustment of the sample plane is provided; there are 6 algorithms for independent and synchronous moving of X-ray tube and detector that covers all known methods of XRD analysis.

Four-axles holder for large samples (xy-scanning, z-moving, φ-rotation) is added to allow to analyse large objects of different shapes (plates, single crystals and other odd-shaped samples) both for the analysis of their phase composition and structural state, and for control of their surface orientation in relation to the crystallographic axes.


Karg Industries, Polymer Test Instruments


Made in Germany

Model: Various

Karg Industries manufactures and sells instruments to measure the rheological, physical, electrical and thermal properties of materials including instruments for specimen preparation for the Plastic/ Polymer industry.

From the raw material examination (density, humidity, melt-flow index) over the production of standarized specimen (AIM ISO Mould, CNC milling machines, notching machines, hollow die punching machines) up to mechanical testing instruments (impact strength, tensile strength/compression/bending test) Karg offers an almost complete package for the processing and compounding industry and last not least for the raw material manufacturer.


SureTorque, Automatic Bottle Cap Torque Testers


Made in Hungary

Model: ST-LAB

Sure Torque’s ST-LAB series is the most Automated Closure Torque Tester on the market, with the ability to handle the most varied container and closure types.

The newest models of the ST-LAB family have user configurable automatic Top Load control for testing Child Resistant closures.

Main features of the new ST-LAB: - Programmable Top Load control - Application angle measurement - Fully automatic - Quick testing (10-15 sec) - Statistics on test type/sample type (average, sigma, cpk, in/under/over range) - SD card

Release-application test without breaking the seal integrity of the product. This means: SAVING MONEY and ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLYNESS - the tested and re-torqued sample can be put back on the production line, instead of in the waste.


SureTorque, Handheld Bottle Cap Torque Testers


Made in Hungary

Model: TRQ1

TRQ1 is a universal Handheld Torque Tester for closure torque testing and capper head chuck torque testing on the capper machine.

Benefits:- Small, handy, wireless -Wide range of tests -Torque-time graph drawing and saving -Range analysis -High storing capacity on the smartphone -Graph zooming and scrolling in the history -Adding comment to the results before saving -Free Android application -Included pc software.

Cap fitments: In any size up to D40 mm. with 12 serrations ((capable of any number of serrations that is a multipe of 12). Over 40 mm cap diameter or for special closures custom cap adapters are available.


Rheosys, Rotational Viscometer/ Rheometer


Made in USA

Model: Merlin VR

The Rheosys Merlin VR is an advanced and versatile Rotational Viscometer and Rheometer. The Merlin VR can easily generate precise data in terms of viscosity, flow curves, and yield stress.

The built in Peltier thermoelectric sample temperature control system gives the Merlin VR the ability to conduct isothermal and ramp temperature experiments.

The included DIN / ISO Co-Axial Cylinders, Cone and Plate & Parallel Plate measuring systems enables the Merlin VR to accurately and routinely measure a wide range of materials under varied conditions.


OKB Spectr, Optical Emission Spectrometer


Made in Russia

Model: DFS-500/ 500H/ 500D

DFS-500 is a compact, reliable device for the analysis of both Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals, for all alloying elements and impurities, including sulphur, phosphorus, carbon.

DFS-500 provides determination of concentrations of all alloying elements and impurities with the accuracy exceeding the requirements of GOST and other regulatory documents.

The open design of the table and a convenient clamping mechanism allow to analyze the samples of various shapes.

There are a floor-mounted version named as DFS-500 and a desktop version DFS-500H, and DFS-500D with an additional air stand (samples of irregular shape, powders).


CSI, Polymer/ Textile/ Fiber Testing Instruments


Made in USA

Model: Various

Custom Scientific Instruments (CSI) Flammability Instruments are used in the aviation, automotive, textile, polymer, paper and many other specialized industries.

CSI has an extensive variety of testing instruments that evaluate the physical properties of Polymers, ranging from flammability, compression, tensile and plastic processing.

CSI manufactures top quality instruments used for Textiles and Fabric evaluation, including leathers, vinyls and similar materials.


Geserco, Portable Oil Testing Kits


Made in France

Model: Various

GESERCO offers a complete and advanced range of rapid test kits for monitoring the condition of Lubricating Oils and Fuels. These tests concern petrol products as well as synthetic or bio products: Diesel engine oils, hydraulic oils, turbine oils, biodiesels, bio lubricants or metal machining fluids.

Some of the tests are as follows:

- Water Test

- TAN Test

- BN/ TBN Test

- Viscosity Test

- Particle Content Test, etc.


Starrett, Force & Material Testing Systems


Made in USA

Model: Various

Starrett Force and Material Test solutions range from simple hand-held measurements to highly advanced applications with extreme accuracy.

They are sleek and modern, and designed for high performanc, durability and consistency.

Starrett L1 Handheld Force Measurement Systems can be used to perform a wide variety of testing methods including Load Limit Testing, Distance Limit Testing, Break Limit Testing, Cyclic Count Testing, Cyclic Duration Testing, Constant Load Testing and Constant Distance Testing.

Starrett L2 and S2 Adavanced Automated Force Systems are manufactured to provide high performance test frames and multiple levels of software capabilities to perform demanding force measurement testing.

L3 Systems are optimized for users involved with material testing and characterization- the research engineer, the design engineer, the quality control technician, the test technician.


Starrett, Optical & Vision Systems


Made in USA

Model: Various

With the unbeatable combination of precision mechanics, powerful and intuitive software, and support from the most respected name in measurement, Starrett Metrology Systems take video-based and multi-sensor measuring systems to the next level.

Starrett Video-based Measurement Systems combine high-resolution images, powerful intuitive software and precision mechanical platforms to deliver superb accuracy and repeatable measurement results for a wide range of precision measurement applications.

Starrett Optical Comparators provide time tested, cost effective solutions for non-contact measurement. At the heart of these systems are precision optics, superb lighting and a highly accurate workstage. They combine to ensure bright, sharp images and accuracy.


Sensadyne Instruments, Surface Tentiometers


Made in USA

Model: QC 3000/ QC 6000/ IP 6000

SensaDyne has developed, patented, and commercialized a number of Fluid Surface Tension Measurement instruments, for both laboratory and in-process applications, based on the maximum differential bubble pressure method.

SensaDyne developed the QC3000, as a low-cost, yet highly accurate and repeatable, instrument for measuring and monitoring fluid surface tension.

The QC6000 is SensaDyne's mid-range instrument which adds independent bubble rate mass flow controllers, to the basic features of the QC3000, allowing a wider monitoring range with increased precision and accuracy..

The IP6000 has been developed as a dedicated on-line and in-process tensiometer with all of the capabilities of our laboratory tensiometers.


Buck Scientific, Atomic Absorption Spectrometers


Made in USA

Model: 225ATS/ 230ATS/ 235ATS

The 225ATS Atomic Absorption Spectrometer is the educational model, which comes with two powered lamp brackets on the back of the instrument, and one internal bracket.

The 230ATS Atomic Absorption Spectrometer upgrades the instrument with the addition of D2 background correction, and a rotating three lamp turret.

The 235ATS Atomic Absorption Spectrometer is for analysts requiring nitrous oxide to run Al, Si, Ga, Ge Ba, Be, Ti, Va, Zr, Nb, Mo, Hf, Ta, and W. The automated gas box allows for push button oxidant change-over, from Air to Nitrous oxide for safety. The 235ATS also features a flame detector, which will turn the gases off shall the flame extinguish.


Buck Scientific, Infrared Spectrophotometers


Made in USA

Model: 530IR

The Buck Scientific Model 530 IR is an Infrared Spectrophotometer which scans like a UV/Vis Spectrophotometer in the mid-infrared region 4000 - 600cm-1, or 2500.00 nm - 16666.67 nm) with a resolution of lessthan 3cm-1 from 4000cm-1 - 2000cm-1 and lessthan 2cm -1 from 2000cm -1 - 600cm -1.

The M530 is an accurate and simple IR Spectrophotometer which is built to last and easy to maintain.

The M530 uses stronger stepping motors providing faster completion of “Go-To” commands.


Membrapure, Ion Chromatograph


Made in Germany

Model: Ionus

IONUS, Ion Chromatograph can be used for the analysis of anions and cations in research, development and everyday routine: drinking water and tap water as well as for waters within the scope of environmentally relevant investigations.

Applications for F–,Cl–, ClO2-, ClO3-, Br–, BrO3–, NO2–, NO3–, PO43-, SO42-, I– silicate in water with and without chemical suppressor technique (according to EPA 300.0 & EPA 300.1) are available.


SH Scientific, Furnaces & Ovens


Made in Korea

Model: Multiple

Forced Convection Drying Oven is commonly used in laboratories and other related industries for the purpose of sample drying and sterilization. It also comes with outstanding features such as high level of temp. uniformity, precise accuracy and stable temperature control.

Forced Convection Drying Oven is suitable for samples that need to be treated and/or hardened under a high amount of temperature.

SH Scientific supplies Furnaces with various temperature coverages (1050°C, 1200°C, 1500°C, 1700°C, 1800°C) that can be used for laboratory and other related industries.


NaCl, Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chambers


Made in USA

Model: SS500/ SS1000 & SSP500/ SSP1000

NaCl Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chambers are capable of complying with the most popular international standards including: ASTM B117, ISO 9227, DIN 50 021 and IS Z 2371.

Models - SS500 & SS1000: - Designed for tests under 240 hours - Cabinet heated by external heater mats, protecting them from damage from the corrosive environment - Internally mounted heated bubble tower that is in compliance with all international test standards - Utilizes a Ventura effect atomizer controlled by in-coming compressed air for a uniform foging of the chamber - Supplied with a 90 liter salt solution tank.

Models - SSP500 & SSP1000 (additional features): - Cabinet can be operated with or without a wet bottom - Equipped with an advanced control system utilizing a peristaltic pump for delivering precise salt solution to the atomizer.


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